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Merilang Press will be publishing the new novel
Engineering Paradise
by David Gardiner on 12th November 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9569379-0-2       280 pages       £7.99       €10.00       $14.00

Engineering Paradise cover

The title comes from a Stafford Beer quote:

The Holocaust has shown us that the creation of hell on earth is just a matter of
engineering. The creation of an earthly paradise is an engineering problem also

Danny, a teenage boy attending a Roman Catholic Grammar School in Belfast in the 1960s, becomes seduced into the IRA out of an interest in amateur radio and all things technical. His first girlfriend, from a Protestant family, is a precocious, beautiful and fabulously talented singer/songwriter who has embraced sexual liberation in a big way.
      A spirit of revolutionary optimism is afoot. The call for change emanating from the young is unstoppable. The old order has come to an end. Human society and human relationships are about to change forever. Or are they?
      Engineering Paradise is essentially a love story, set against the backdrop of the most hectic decade of social and political change in recent British history. Danny is propelled unthinkingly into a terrifying Faustian bargain from which there is no escape. The shining vision of a new Ireland and a new world is repeatedly tarnished by compromises, disappointments and deaths, both deliberate and accidental. Idealism grows sour as Danny comes to realise that the motives of those he has trusted are far from pure. Nothing is quite as simple as it appears when you’re fifteen, in love, and taking your first uncertain steps into the adult world.
      The novel deals in a fictionalised form with real events that shocked the world, presenting the mindset of the bombers from the inside, neither demonising nor excusing, but shedding light on the process by which the well-intentioned become sucked into sinister organisations employing ruthless tactics in the pursuit of seemingly laudable ends. This is a chilling account of the moral compromise forced upon those who try to play a part in shaping history.

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 Review of Engineering Paradise on Sharon Chance's book review blogspot.

Growing up among the turmoil of Northern Ireland in the 1960s was a challenge for the entire country, but for Danny Gallagher, a teenage boy attending a Roman Catholic school in Belfast, the constant unrest drove an undercurrent of excitement and danger that was too alluring to resist.

A whiz at anything having to do with electronics and amateur radios, Danny soon caught the interest of the local branch of the IRA and was soon recruited to do a few small jobs for the group. This secretive involvement would soon lead to changes in Danny’s life that would affect the rest of his life, and alter the history of the Northern Irish for the rest of time.

The fast-paced, action filled novel, “Engineering Paradise,” by David Gardiner, not only documents a restless time in Irish political history, it also shows how those changes in society affected the average person as well. Part love story, part coming-of-age drama, and part military history, Gardiner’s masterful storytelling skills are evident in this heart-wrenching tale that is set against a backdrop of actual events. Gardiner draws his readers into the heart of the story with prose that is lyrical and captivating. You’ll find yourself rooting for Danny Gallagher to achieve all he dreams of.

I highly recommend this novel.